Just A Quick Holiday Note!



I am sitting here thinking about all of the new and exciting "stuff" I have planned for 2014!!! From my new incentive, Brighton Add A Charm Bracelets to pre-planned monthly team meetings! With all of the Fashionistas that are promoting to STL and ETL I'm thinking about how great it is that so many of you are now running with your own teams!!!

It makes me sad and happy at the same time! Happy, because I know how incredibly hard you all work for your teams and deserve those promotions! Sad because I know how busy we all are with our teams and we loose the closeness of a smaller team. I love that our group really respects leadership roles and I want to take this opportunity tell you all that I will never grow apart from you as you promote up - but I will let you spread your wings:) I will keep giving you as much information as I can and you can take what you'd like and leave what you don't!

I feel so extremely blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside so many great women!! It has not been an easy year, with our growing pains and IT issues. I know we are all ready for a break and a new year!! I am looking forward to charging into 2014 and hope as you all grow into the awesome STLs and ETLs you are bound to be, we can continue to be a great sisterhood of Fashionista leaders!! I love and appreciate ALL of you and the hard working, caring, motivated designers you are!!

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To You and Yours!!

Mindy Giambalvo, Director

Team Leader

The Feathered Fashionistas