Learning Cycle 4 October 14th to the 20th

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Can you help us with the yearbook this year?


As we enter into a year of uncertainty, one thing is certain: the historical document that is the yearbook. Beth Brough is working hard to chronicle all of the moments of the year. Every student has a story, and every story deserves to be told. When we look back in history, this will be the yearbook our students will want to pick up and show their children.

This year, we need your help. We are up to the challenge, but cannot do it alone.

Below are some ways you could help us guarantee your student is featured in the yearbook. Photos can be submitted via the Jostens Replayit photo site:

• Capture CANDID moments of your student, whether they are learning virtually or headed off to school. By candid we mean non-posed.

• Is your student part of a club or organization? Help us gather memories of their meetings, practices or virtual events.

• Is your student an athlete? We are talking about school sports, extracurricular sports, BMX, Equestrian, Sailing, Rowing, Dance (ballroom, ballet, etc), Curling, Hockey, Martial arts: jiu jitsu, tae kwon do, boxing etc., Gymnastics, Golf, Surfing/longboarding/skateboarding, Running, Weight lifting/powerlifting, Lumberjack sports/highland games, Strongman competitions, legos, marbles, and arm name a few. Share your student’s story and photos!

• Let us know if your student is participating in a special lesson that we can feature. Are they dressing up like Romeo and Juliet to perform a play via Zoom? We need to hear about it! Are they participating in a team building experience involving a phone app? Tell us!

• If there are any parents who take pictures at student events, please email us.

• Take photos of ANYTHING that happens in your home that connects back to our school, (whether virtually or in-person) no matter how mundane you think it might be!

• We want to feature any students who are doing something awesome. Suzie is making face masks for hospital workers? Johnny is collecting food donations for local food banks? Email us!

This is our chance, collectively as a school and community, to create a book that accurately captures this historical year. This yearbook doesn’t just belong to us, it belongs to the school. Thank you in advance for being a part of it.


Congress Middle School Yearbook Staff

Brenda Vetsch

Technology help for parents

  • Here is a great resource from the district called Park Hill Parent University. It contains many helpful links and tips. Check it out!

Sign Up For Remind

Parents, do you want up to date, timely alerts sent directly to your phone via text? Sign up for REMIND.

simply text @647kgb to 81010

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Relaxation in these stressful times

  • Our Counseling Department has developed this amazing Virtual Relaxation Room. Please take a look. I enjoy listening to the sounds and music while working in order to increase focus. The meditation and mindfulness tab are great for a quick break in times of stress.

Your learning cycle (Wednesday morning to 11:59 p.m. Tuesday night)