Tech Integration in the Classroom

Get ready to tell a story...

Before our Session...

Before our session, be sure to bring/have access to digital pictures and video that will help you tell a story. You might be thinking of sharing something with parents, staff or students. You might want to celebrate an amazing accomplishment in your building or explain something new. We're excited to see what your stories will be!

“Change in schools isn’t hard, it’s uncomfortable” - Grant Lichtman

How do you help teachers with change? You learn - use - grow … and then model, model, model. In this session you will be challenged to tell a story with images, audio, and video that you will share with your staff and perhaps even parents and community. The second day builds by examining the “Ten-Minute Inservice” framework by Whitaker and Breaux including the exploration of digital tools to design a PD Snack you can use the same week!

Guaranteed to be a fun experience!

Take a few moments to browse through some examples and identify the tools you want to explore to create and share your story!

Some of our Digital Tools to Explore:

Tool Highlight: Narrable

Narrable is a web-based tool that allows you to compile pictures and add audio tags to those pictures. Educators can get a 60-day free trial. When you create a Narrable, you can invite others to narrate specific pictures within your Narrable.

Macs and/or iPads Users

For those of you with an Apple of choice, there are many ways for you to tell your story on these devices (MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone). One of the most overlooked but creative alternatives is the camera! Explore the possibilities...

What about Day 2?

You are in luck... Day 2 expands on our Day 1 learning. We will look at ways for you to take your new found digital tools and engage staff with PD Snacks. Added bonus? We will consider the use of Google Hangouts to really spice things up in your cross-district collaboration (and reduce your drive time).
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All you need is a "Pep Talk"

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You
Now go out there and be awesome... share your story... step out of your comfort zone!

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