Andrew Jackson

terrible or great


Spoils System

Spoils System is a system that rewards supporters and political allies of winning candidates with government jobs whether or not they agree qualified. This is not a great idea because sometimes the people they pick aren't fit for the job. If the person is a farmer and got a job they might not do their job as well as a wealthy person. Presidents still do this today.

Indians Removal act

Indians Removal act gave U.S. government the power to remove Indians. It was unfair for the Indians because they were living there first but the are getting kicked out by People who want the gold and land which led to the tail of tears. They had to walk 800 miles and 18,000 of them died on the way. It is like someone kicking you out of your house just because they want your pots and pans.

Nullfiation crisist

Jackson passed a tariff which angered South Carolina so they refused to pay it. People in the south still rely on imports because then things that U.S. make are not as good. Congress passed a force bill which made them pay by force . After the force bill was passed South Carolina threatened to secede form the U.S. Congress then agreed to lower the tariff and South Carolina agreed to pay it.

political cartoon

Jackson veto every bill he doesn't like and ignores things like the Worcester vs Georgia so he is like a king. He uses too much of his power and nothing is limiting it.
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Letter to the Editor

greatest president (northerners)

He is a great president. The tax he put on imports will help the economy of the U.S. He cares for us. If people keep on buying things from Britain and not from us we won't have enough money to survive.

terrible president (Cherokees)

He stole our land!! He also forced us out of our home then made us walk 800 mile. 18,000 Cherokees died on the way. How would they feel if we made them swim across the Pacific