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TEAM Academy's November 2019 Newsletter

Warm Clothes for Recess

With the weather getting cooler please make sure your child has warm clothes for recess each day. We do go outside each day as long as it is not raining and the wind chill is above zero. If you need help getting winter clothes for your child you can always contact Mrs. Auen or Miss Ashlee at 507-833-8326.

Veteran's Day Program

Our Veteran's Day Program will be at 10:30 on November 11. Anyone is welcome to come! It should last 30 minutes. The student council has planned some dress up days on the calendar leading up to Veteran's Day.

Fall Concert

Our Fall Concert is Monday, November 25 at 6:00 PM in the Central Building Auditorium. Please arrive by 5:45 PM so you child can line up with their class and be ready for the program. The program should last about one hour. All students in grades K-6 are in the program and it is part of their grade.

Congrats Student Council Members

3rd: Carter, Jaxon, & Ayovi

4th: Damien, Kelly, & Ryleigh

5th: Tristan, Coy, & Colin

6th: Joan, Paige, & Jaida C

Morning Drop Off

If busses are not dropping off students, please feel free to drop off along the sidewalk. It's best to pull all the way towards our gym doors so we don't have a back up by the front doors. We do have staff members by the main doors each day to help them inside.

When your child is late or absent

Please contact the office prior to 8:30 for any absences. If your child will be late please let us know if they need a school lunch ordered by 8:30 as well. You can leave a message at any time (even the night before) at 507-833-8326 or email

Bus Information

If your child needs a bus pass please call Lenz Bus Company at 507-835-5104 or Palmer Bus Company at 507-833-1150.

Think Small ParentPowered Texts Resource

Think Small Parent Powered Texts is a FREE, research-based program that supports kindergarten readiness. Parents and caregivers of children age birth – age eight are sent three developmentally appropriate texts per week. More information is on their website at:

How do I Sign Up?

  • Texts are available in English and Spanish.
  • Text SPPL to 70138 for English
  • Envié un mensaje de texto con el código SPPL ESP a 70138
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