The Protestant Refromation

By Zach Senior


  • the revolt started in 1517, and it was started by martin Luther
  • pope Leo burned the churches canon laws
  • showed people the "must stand and give account to God himself"
  • claimed to be saving people from the anti-Christ
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Information about the protest

  • people burned churches such as the papal bull
  • Martin Luther nailed the canon law to the doors of the baptist church
  • children went to different schools where teachers substituted as ministers
  • many people fled Europe to escape religious harassment and prosecution

Effects of the protest

  • major divisions other religions emerged: Baptists, Congregationalists, Methodists, and Presbyterians

  • there are now 590,000,000

  • many indulgences are offered in the new religion

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answer to the assessment question

the parrticipents showed their beliefs by not putting up with the judgement they received from the other religious groups, they made their own churches, schools, and our beliefs.