Roy Waldron 3rd Graders

We miss you so much! Can't wait to see you again.

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Familiar Classroom Resources

The following website options will not change from week to week. These are the resources your child is familiar with that we already use in class. These are additional options to the weekly activities outlined in the next section.

Mrs. King's Class Code: bqz0835

Ms. Boyd's Class Code: gri4759

Mr. Hannah's Class Code: mqw0237

Mr. Bradley's Class Code: akr8492

Ms. Carmody's Class Code: liy8700

Ms. Sorensen's Class Code: ecd9090

Ms. Grimes' Class Code: kci3591

Ms. Norris' Class Code: tsl4930

Mrs. Hensley's Class Code: awn8198

Mrs. Koch's Class Code: clc4180

Work on your iReady lessons

Try to get 45 minutes each week on Math and Reading (we have reading now)!

Your login is the same login you would use for the computer followed by the ending listed below.



password: lunch number


Message your teacher if you do not remember your login information.

Congrats to Sydney for passing the most iReady lessons!

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Activities for the week of April 6th

1. RCS Learning Plan

Week 1 Math

Week 1 Reading Read alouds

Week 1 Science

2. Nearpod Lessons When doing lessons, make sure to use your first and last names :)

Context Clues: ZDONA and WMIXA

Main Idea: ZSJWQ

Fractions on a Number Line: WPNKB and EMVRD

3. BrainPOP.

username: roywaldron

password: brainpop

*Go to the Science tab and then click Matter. Watch the 3 videos on matter and take the quiz for each.

4. Fractions on a number line game

5. Main Idea Hamburger Game

6. Kakooma

7. Mystery Doug

Go to 3rd grade videos and watch "What is the most dangerous animal in the world"

If you are not able to do any of the work online, you can pick up a packet at school. The packets will be available on Mondays from 8:00-10:00.

Teaching Tennessee: 3rd Grade Math Lesson 1
Teaching Tennessee: 3rd Grade ELA Lesson 1
RCS Gr3 ELA Read Alouds
  1. What happened so far?
  2. Why does Stellaluna have to change her diet?
  3. What do you think Stellaluna will learn?
Stellaluna Day 2
Stellaluna Day 3
  1. What did you learn about friends and family?
  2. What are some differences between birds and bats? (food, beheaviors)

Activities for the week of April 13th

1. RCS Learning Plan

Week 2 Math

Week 2 Reading

Week 2 Science

  • Make observations and ask questions

  • Which changes would be reversible? Which would be irreversible?

  • Describe the differences between the changes you observed in the videos.

    Crayon Investigation

2. Nearpod Lessons

Context Clues: Read to find out what the word means by using the surrounding text.


Irregular Plural Nouns: Work with irregular nouns to show how to write them as more than one.


Finding Area SRVJZ

Finding Area using real world problems FQDTG

Finding Area using distributive property DWKEA

Map Skills: Code-NIPTC

Reading Maps: Code-GSCYU

Cardinal and Intermediate Directions: Code-HXBEW

Latitude and Longitude with major US cities: Code-INHRD

3. BrainPOP.

username: roywaldron

password: brainpop

Go to Science and choose the category "Be a Scientist" then pick 3 videos to watch this week and take the quiz.

4. Physical and Chemical Changes video

5. Kakooma

6. Mystery Doug

Go to 3rd grade lessons and watch "Why do cats purrr"

Area activity ideas!

Send your teacher a picture of an area activity and we will post it here!!
How to Find Area and Perimeter

Activities for the week of April 20th

1. RCS Learning Plan

Reading week 3

Math week 3

Science week 3

2. Nearpod Lessons

Locating Text Features Code: YAEPL

Answering Questions with Text Evidence Code: CLBYR

Asking and Answering Questions to Show Understanding Code: QKNHR

Polygons Part 1 Code: IQOCU

Polygons Part 2 Code: VQSPX

The perimeter of a Polygon Part 1 Code: AUNIC

The perimeter of a Polygone Part 2 Code: BGJHR

The Seven Continents of the World Code: HZSXG

3. BrainPOP.

username: roywaldron

password: brainpop

4. Kakooma

5. Mystery Doug

Teaching Tennessee: 3rd Grade Math Lesson 2
Teaching Tennessee: 3rd Grade Math Lesson 3
Teaching Tennessee: 3rd Grade ELA Lesson 2
Teaching Tennessee: 3rd Grade ELA Lesson 3

Activities for the week of April 27th

Week 4 Lessons ELA, Math, and Science

Nearpod Lessons

Theme Nearpod: WEFOL

Prefix and Suffix: SMEPJ

Multiplication: LRIHD

Distributive Property: WXFQG

Fun Videos

Tour the States - Official Music Video
Tour the World - Official Music Video
Learn how to make Elephant's Toothpaste with The Science Guys [CC]
Tesla Coil with Mr. Bond's "kids" - Covalent and Ionic Bond
How Science Fights Viruses! [CC]
DIY Edible Slime with Mr. Bond's Science Guys
"Goodnight with Dolly" | Episode 1 | Dolly Parton reads "The Little Engine That Could"
"Goodnight with Dolly" | Episode 2 | Dolly Parton reads "Coat of Many Colors"

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