Alexander Graham Bell


The Telephone

Are you texting your friend right now? Are you playing a game on your phone? If you are, you can thank Alexander Graham Bell. He invented the telephone. Now you use a very improved phone, but at the time the phone was awesome.

Alexander Graham Bell's life

Alexander Graham Bell had a regular family. He had a father named Alexander Melville Bell, a mother named Eliza Bell, and two sons Robert and Edward Bell. Bell was born March 3,1847 in Edinburgh UK. He died August 2, 1922 in Beinn Bhreagh Nova Scotia Canada.

Interesting Facts About Alexander Graham Bell

When Bell was 11 he invented a machine that cleaned wheat. Alexander Graham Bell finally finished the telephone at age 29.It took six years to finish making the telephone. The first thing ever said on the telephone was "Watson come here I want you". Bell always came up with ideas for things easily. In most stores the first phone had cost $20 to $40,which was a lot of money back then. At the same time as Bell a professor at Boston was working on a telephone.


This video shows Bell coming up with the idea for the telephone.
Animated Hero Classics: Alexander Graham Bell on DVD

Why Was Bell an Important Inventor in the Industrial Revolution

Alexander Graham Bell is an important inventor in the Industrial Revolution. He changed communication forever. You use to have to wait to see someone to tell them something, which could be a while. After Bell invented the telephone you could just type in the number and wait for them to pick up. Alexander is also known as an great inventor, because he built the telephone and the metal detector.

Why did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone

Alexander Graham bell invented the telephone for his mother. She was deaf and he wanted to help her. His wife was also deaf, he built the telephone to help them two. If your thinking if there deaf then why would he make the telephone they cant here what someone's saying? He made it because he thought it might aid their hearing. Bell's father and grandfather were also interested in language and speech.
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Bell quote

This is one of Bell's most famous quotes.

Bell's Partner Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson was born Jan. 18,1854 in Salem MA. He died at the age of 80 on Dec. 13,1934 in St. Petersburg, FL. Watson dropped out of school at age 14 and became a bookkeeper and carpenter, until being hired at a Boston machine company. It was Watson who heared the first message on a telephone on March 10,1876.