Robert Ballard

Discoverer of the Titanic

Why did I chose Ballard?

I chose him because I thought it would be interesting learning the background of how he found the Titanic.
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What has Ballard accomplished?

Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic without trying to look for it. He was testing the Argo- Jason system when he found it. Ballard has also found many other things in the ocean. Another thing he found was a German battleship (Bismarck)

What are his universal values?

A few things Ballard valued were adventure, challenge, and education. His character showed that he loved getting educated and taking chances in order to get where he needed to be. He is the type of person to have his ethics straight.
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Why is he a good mentor for young adults?

Ballard is a good mentor because he always strives to get out there and do new things. He also shows how he uses his education and knowledge to do great things. He holds himself to his personal standards because he knows what he needs to get done and what is important to him.
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Argo-Jason system

Ballard spent his life devoted to his studies. While trying new systems and testing them he soon came up with his own. From 1982-1989 Ballard worked on the Argo-Jason system. The system was to improve his ability to explore the mountains and the sea. After testing the system in the deepest ocean around him he then found the Titanic.