My learning style

Denise Garcia



  • Mastery: The ability to organize people and to communicate clearly what needs to be done(administrator, manager, politician)
  • Interpersonal: The ability to use empathy to help others and to solve problems (social worker, doctor, nurse, therapist, teacher)
  • Understanding: The ability to discriminate and interpret among different kinds of interpersonal clues(sociologist, psychologist, psychotherapist, professor of psychology or sociology)
  • Self-expressive: The ability to influence and inspire others to work toward a common goal(consultant, charismatic leader, politician, evangelist)

My career choice

I am always able to help others. I like being around people and communicating with them. I would like to help them solve their problems. I want to make them feel confident about what they do. Influencing them is always good because you inspire others and they do the same.

Me and my learning style

I feel like I learn best by seeing things and memorizing them. Like hearing a song and listening to it all the time also helps. Studying flash cards, and someone asking you questions. I learn best by a little of everything. Also by seeing things help me a lot because I memorize it faster by reviewing.