Hitlers Childhood

explain if Hitler had trouble when he was young

Hitler DID have trouble with his childhood because his father did not let him do what he wanted do,and when his mother died he began to feel depressed!!

when hitler was a teen

prove when Hitler was born

Hitler was born on April 20,1889 in the town of Braunau am Inn.

when hitker was a baby

decibe why Hitler hated jews

one of the reasons why Hitler hated Jews is because when his mother was dying a Jew doctor was helping her to recover but failed. Hitlers mother died in 1907.

Hitler as a child


  • Hitler started to turn crazy when his dad did not let him do what he wanted to do in the future and also when his mother died.
  • Hitler dropped out of high school because of his bad grades
  • Hitler wanted to become and artist but failed :(
  • Hitlers father died when Hitler was 13 and his mother died in 1907


Hitler grew up as a normal boy but soon when his mother and father died it all went down hill from there

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