Visit Peru

By: Hannah Owens

While You're In Lima:

Visit Plaza Mayor and The Historic Centre.

Eat Quinoa and Ceviche.

In January, celebrate the Anniversary of Lima and in March the Fiesta de la Vendimia.

Interesting Facts About Lima:

  • Lima is the fifth largest city in South America.
  • A third of Peru's population comes from LIma.
  • Lima is the second largest desert capital city.

While You're in Cusco

Visit the Saksaywaman and the Sacred Trail.

Eat Cuy and Causa.

Celebrate Reyes Magos and Senor de los Temblores.

Interesting Facts About Cusco:

  • Cusco's temples were meant to be built in the shape of a puma.
  • Cuy, or Guinea Pig, is a common food in Cusco.
  • Cusco is located in the Andes Mountains.

while you're in puno

Visit the Puno Cathedral and Yavari.

Eat Lomo Saltado and Aji de Gallina.

Celebrate Festival de la Virgen de la Candelaria and San Juan de Dios.

interesting facts:

  • Puno's main industry is tourism.
  • Puno is the capital of the department of Puno.
  • Knitting and textiles are very popular.