All About Me

Marcus Amerin

My Bio

Hello my name is Marcus I Am 12 my birthday is 02/20/02 an I live in plains KS

facts on ME

1 when is was 10 I almost died because I almost cut my ulnar vane in my wrist 2.) I am 12 and I live in plains KS 3.) I have brown/blond hair 4.)I have a pet dog named miley 5.) I am in 7th grade 6.) I live on 810 west mustang 7.)I favorite color is lime green 8.) I have 1 brother and 3 sisters 9.) MY favorite marvel charcter is captain America..


The Fox Extended Version (Official HD) by whatdoesthefoxsay
click me!!!

where I got these videos.

my favorite sport

my favorite sport is football because I started playing in 3rd grade I have scored 1 touchdown and I love football so here is a video!!! ENJOY
Greatest Football Highlights

If you think that other video was cool wach this one

Top Hardest Hits in NFL History

cool dont you think

For the fun of it ENJOY!!!
Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)

one more for fun

lol watch this
Harlem GlobeTrotters vs Select 2013


this is my fav animal

ostrich fun facts

1.) a ostrich can run 43-70 mph 2.)Its eye is bigger than its brain

3.)is can get up to 9 feet tall 4.)It can pull up to 300 pounds

5.)it is the biggest bird ever

2nd favorite aminal

the flamingo

flamingo fun facts

1.)A flamingo stands on 1 foot 2.)is sleeps on 1 foot

3.)their necks make a heart when put together 4.)their are pink ish red

5.) there is some is gardens zoo