Wallace Weekly

September 19th-24th


Hello Wallace Wolverines,

Growth. Seems to be the theme in Richardson ISD this year with Dr. Stone's One Vision model for the district, "Growth for all students and staff." This aligns perfectly with the T-TESS growth model. I want to reiterate this is an incredible opportunity for us to stretch outside our comfort zone, experience some growing pains, and become more skilled at our craft.

Everyone has strengths and at least one area they could grow in. First, you must identify an area you would like to grow in. Something you would like to learn. Something you would like to become more proficient in. Name it. Now that you have named "it," you are on your journey. Will it always be a smooth and straight path? Not likely. There will be sharp turns and rocks along the way that will require collaboration and problem solving. Will you always be on track? Not always. You will veer off track from time to time and land in the weeds. That is only temporary. Just an attempt to divert your focus off your goal. Don't worry because you have a team to help you be successful!

We are excited to be on the T-TESS journey with you! Please know we are here to support you in any way necessary. We look forward to meeting with you for your goal setting conference within the next 2 weeks.

Here We Grow Again,



*Melodi Perry for creating such a comfortable, welcoming environment for our first Technology Day. The snacks were delicious and everyone was engaged and excited about new learning! We can't wait to see our new Mac lab which is being installed next week!

*Ashley Nick for completing her 300 point card!! There are more prizes available, so check out the bulletin board in the teachers' lounge to see how you can earn a prize for your relationship building!


  • Sign up on Google for your beginning of year T-TESS conference with your appraiser. Remember to bring your goal sheet with a personal professional development goal and a student growth goal.
  • Sunshine dues to Audrey-$25 for professional staff, $15 for paraprofessionals.
  • Please join the PTA-$5-to show your support for all they do for our school, staff and students.

Duty Reminders

Week of September 12th-17th:

Cafeteria-Jenson, Markussen, Ginn

Gym-Rixon, Tegt

AM Circle Drive- Mirsky

5th & 6th Grade Hall-Solis, Nick

Safety Patrol Morning Duty-Adamson

Lounge-Fourth Grade


Please click on the title below to watch this great you tube video.

On the Horizon

Monday, September 19th
  • R-Time (Staying on Task)
  • Debbie out 9-4

Tuesday, September 20th

  • R-Time (Staying on Task)

Wednesday, September 21st

  • Colored jeans today!
  • Kendra out all day

Thursday, September 22nd

  • Faculty Meeting @ 3:15 in library re: discipline & red folder accommodations sheets
  • Annual WAL staff vs. LHE staff softball game @ LHHS field
  • Kendra out all day

Friday, September 23rd

  • Wallace Spirit Day- wear your Wallace staff t-shirt!
  • Lauren out all day
  • Debbie & Kendra out 8-11

Happy Birthday to...

September Birthdays
  • Megan Williams-September 1st
  • Jessica Pittman-September 2nd
  • Chelsea McCowan-September 10th
  • Gina Caudillo-September 15th
  • Sara Scharffenberger-September 16th
  • Kim FIshman-September 29th
  • Jerilyn Auld-September 30th