Ms. C.'s First Grade Classroom

January 26 - January 29

This Week:

In Reading/LA, we read a folktale and an informational text. The folktale we learned is a story that has been told over the years and has a lesson. Students enjoyed the story and focused on the sequence of events and questioning. The non-fiction text was about the rain forest and students learned another text feature, maps. Students learned how to identify and use the digraph -ch. We focused on words with -ch in the beginning and the end. Students continue to work with common sight words. We also learned about inflectional endings (-ed, -ing, -s).

In Writing, students finished publishing their How To writing pieces. They learned how to edit and revise this type of writing. We are starting our non-fiction writing next week.

In Math: we started practicing how to solve addition and subtraction problems to 15. We learned that the answer to subtraction problems are called the difference. Students practiced creating and solving number stories with picture cards. We continued practicing greater than, less than and equal to.

Social Studies: We are now in the 3rd marking period which means we are back to Social Studies. We started the unit with discussing wants and needs. We created an anchor chart and listed different types of needs and wants.

Upcoming Words:

Spelling Words: Digraphs (sh, wh, ph)







Words to Know:









Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, February 3 - Pretzel Sale during lunches

Friday, February 5 - PTO Movie Night at Mennies 6:00pm / Valentines Mailboxes due!

Monday, February 8 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (2:30-4:00) / 2:05 Dismissal

Tuesday, February 9 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (6:00-7:40) / 2:05 Dismissal

Thursday, February 11 - Prince & Princess Ball 6:00pm

Friday, February 12 - School Closed / President's Weekend

Monday, February 15 - School Closed / President's Weekend

Valentine's Mailboxes and Party!

You will find a Valentine's letter in your child's homework folder. Students can create their own mailbox with two only requirements: their name must be on the front and there must be a slot or hole big enough to drop cards in. I have included an example below. Students may bring in their box and cards before the due date.

If your child is bringing in Valentine cards for their classmates, please make sure that the cards are filled out at home. Students can bring their cards in to school as soon as they would like.

As always, thank you for all your help!!

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Mennies' News:

Prince & Princess Ball Tickets are still on sale - $3 for Adults and $2 for Students

February, 3rd Pretzel Sale - $1.50 Cinnamon and $1.00 Regular

February, 5th - PTO is hosting a Movie Night to watch, "Inside Out". Doors open at 6pm and movie starts at 6:15. Refreshments will be available.