Cristobal Martinez. 2nd period


This change began when people started to challenge the churches beliefs.They soon began to discover so many new species they have never seen before. Theories started to formulate, some past theories where also confirmed or replaced with new ones. What also helped was European exploration. Math and Astronomy where being used to help people travel (usually on boat) and to know where they where located. Since the printing press was invited they had a faster way of getting these theories out and it spread out fast encouraging other scientist to being their own experiments and theories. This is what started the SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION

who are the people associated with this change?

how did the change impact society at the time?


Newton brought all of the past scientist theories into one big theory. The theory was that everything was affected by gravity. Gravity is the force that pulls object closer together the force is determined by the mass and distance between two objects. He believed god created everything to work orderly together and be described mathematically .

People in that time believed everything revolved earth. So for someone to come in saying that they where wrong is like slap to the face because they where taught this by the church. When they came out with these theories people began to believe the church made nonsense and they also probably started to doubt the church. Then we have the really religious people who probably got extremely mad because they are trying to say that what they believe lies. This probably created a definite line between the religious and the scientific people.


In today's modern society we are more accepting to new theories. We also build off of these past theories and add onto them. The church is also a bit more accepting to these theories. Some scientist still even use the theories from these scientist to figure out why things happen or what causes them.