By:Owen Licht

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Favorite quote

"But I don't regret what I did. Not even a little."

Daniel smiled. "You were a hero."

"So were you. So were a lot of people that night, especially Johnny. We can be proud of that."

Main Characters


-Herman Plunkett



-Drake and his 'Nobles'


-Johnny Noble




In this action-packed sequel to the books Powerless and Super, A lot of attention has turned to the town of Noble's Green ever since 14-year-old Daniel Corrigan caused the event that led to hundreds of past supers waking up with their stolen powers returned to them. The increasing number of super-powered people leads to a school being built called 'The Academy For The Gifted' to teach those people how to control their powers. Supers from all over are coming to the academy, including the principle, Johnny Noble. Daniel is faced with complicated feelings for his friends Louisa and Mollie. Daniel and his friends are pitted against a new group of super powered teens called the "Nobles." Meanwhile, acts of vandalism in the town turn public opinion against those with powers, but Daniel suspects there is something more sinister at work. Why was the academy built? Who is behind these acts of vandalism? What does it all mean? What is coming? Find out in this action-packed book as Daniel tries to piece the clues to together, and figure out what is happening.


-The final book in the trilogy explores interesting themes as the self-professed "Nobles" look down on those without powers and proceed to act with the belief that no one can or should stop them.

-Another theme of this novel is sacrifice over selfishness, in other words, giving it all for the cause and not holding back to further yourself.

Information and recommendations

This thrilling science fiction/mystery book is written by Matthew Cody and has 314 pages. Some people who I would recommend this book to are people who like Mysteries, People who enjoy super-heroes related entertainment, and people who like plot twists and in depth character development. Also, a medium to high reading stamina is required since Villainous is over 300 pages.
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Rating 4/5 stars

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it had a phenomenal ending, a pretty good start, but the middle 80 pages or so lagged due to the development of a love story/ triangle between characters that I thought wasn't very interesting. Although I didn't find it that enjoyable, I understand the purpose of it and how it complimented the story to a degree.

Review from GoodReads

Martha rated it 4/5 stars.

Villainous is the third title in the Powerless trilogy. This book pulls the reader right into the town of Noble's Green and the horrible destruction occurring through fires and vandalism. Townspeople think its the children who have attained super powers. Without reading the previous titles, readers can enter the world of both the Nobles and Supers, opposing forces of children, through the prologue explaining how the children became Supers. Focusing on Daniel, supposedly a non Super, readers learn about his Super friends and even get a glimpse of a blossoming romance. As Daniel puts the mysterious pieces of the towns destruction together, he realizes that he must figure out what is causing this havoc in order to save Noble's Green. Fully fleshed out characters, and lots of middle school angst make this story ring true. This is an action packed suspenseful book that readers who love action, super heroes, and a strong plot will devour.