John Enders

The Father of Modern Vaccines

Enders, John Franklin, Dr

Born: February 10, 1897 in West Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Died: September 8, 1985 in Waterford, Connecticut, United States

  • Graduated from Yale University in 1920 with a masters degree in business. (2 Years at Yale)
  • Went back to school at Harvard, where Ender's received a Ph.D in 1930 and began research on how the immune system fights bacterial disease. (8 years at Harvard)

Hans Zinsser

Ender's was introduced to Hans Zinsser, a professor in bacteriology and immunology, by one of his roommates. Ender's, who was a student at the time at Harvared, was inspired by Zinnser. Enders began working in Zinnser's laboratory, and assisted Zinners in his studies, until 1940 when Zinsser passed away.


John Enders, Thomas Weller, and Frederick C. Robbins won the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine
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