Reona Williams

Why you should choose Capitalism?

  • Based on Wage Labor, Private Ownership, and Production of Exchange.
  • Opposed to government intervention.
  • Individual rights.

What is Capitalism exactly?

Capitalism is the only economic system that is by the people for the people. The citizens are in charge of the system with very limited government intervention. Everyone is paid based on how much they work. Trading is a major part of capitalism, because it is how we buy and sell our products.

The Beauty of Capitalism: Why Communism is wrong


  • Even though we are seen as a monopoly powered economic system, we strongly believe that with hard work and dedication you can be as powerful as the next person.
  • Since we are often perceived as a boom and bust system, we try our to keep everything afloat so that everyone of age will and can be employed.

Capitalize you life with Capitalism!!