Monsson Asia Current Events

Amanda Yancey

Outsourcing to India

India's population is one of the largest in the world. This was a good location for outsourcing to occur, due to the increasing population's need for new jobs. The United States started outsourcing jobs to India and ever since it has been successful. As a result to the success in India, the United States has started outsourcing jobs to China.
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Overpopulation in India

India and many other Asian countries have reached over one billion people. This, however, is a world issue that can spark famine, homelessness, war, and environmental devastation in many countries.
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River Pollution

The largest bay in the world, the Bay of Bengal, is home to nearly five hundred million people. With this many people living so close to a body of water, water pollution is a growing problem for the creatures in and out of the water. This water pollution spreads to many of the rivers that connect to the Bay of Bengal, which includes, the Ganges river, the Brahmaputra river, and the Meghna River.
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Child Labor

Many Asian countries in Monsoon Asia have forced children to take up work that is uncommon and looked upon poorly by many western countries. These countries are very poor and are striving to seek after better living standards and economies.
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Violence against Women in India

Human trafficking and violence against women has caused many problems in India today. Ranjana Guar took action and started the Social Action Research Center to put a stop to violence against women and to help those who were affected.
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