Welcome to Japan

Let's enjoy the travel in Osaka!

Osaka landmark (Osaka castle)

Osaka castle is one of the best landmark in Osaka.

If you go to Osaka, you should visit there.

In the spring, you can see beautiful cherry blossom with castle.

And, you can see the shiny castle in the night.

Things to do & Food

Halloween Festival in Osaka!

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Halloween Festival in Osaka

Osaka halloween festival is papular in Japan.

The people all over the world come to osaka to enjoy this festival on october.

So I recommend to go osaka on october.

In this festival, many people are dressed as the ghost or scary monster.

Also, you may see the Halloween ornament every where like Jack' O lantern.

If you go osaka, I'm sure that you will enjoy this Halloween festival.

Japanese taboo

1. Do not take photos of geisha without asking permission.

2. Do not start drinking until everyone at the table is served and the glasses are raised to toast. The Japnaese driking salute is usually "Kampai"

3. Do not eat and drink while walking in public. No food and drink taken in at a store. Avoid sneezing, spitting, and burping as well.