the golden ages

life, pictures and info about life in the golden age

gloden age

life as a sparta

the Spartan people were mainly for the social system and government which completely focused around the military and education. spartan people were very strict and being born into Sparta didn't automatically give you citizenship, being a citizen was something you needed to have to be accepted and it all had to start with an education and military training .children at age seven started training for the military and were usually accepted at age 20 but in some cases it was age 30. most spartan children at age seven were beaten so bad at training they didn't even get to turn 20 or become a citizen, being strong and trained was so important to the spartan people that when children were born mothers bathed them in wine in order to make sure they were strong.

life as an athen

the Athens were mainly known for there economic, financial , industrial,political and cultural center of Greece. the Athens were the kind of people that believed in no government , they thought that it would just create controversy and make life less peaceful. the Athens were also very athletic but in sports like boxing ,broad jumping , sprinting and disc throwing .Athens were the most populated region in Greece it was probably because they actually got to live a life and not be completely surrounded by violence and strict laws. agriculture was a very important thing, to this day people admire and closely look at the sculptures and buildings

Ancient Greece Rap

an athen sculpture

a sculptured spartan soilder

an ancient artifact


At the age of eighteen, he joined Plato's academy in Athens and remained until the age of thirty-seven.Aristotle achieved a lot after teaching Alexander the great,many opportunists came and so did many books. Aristotle was titled the first genius scientist in history


this man was the inventor of the Socratic method, it is a form of conversation between individuals, it based on answering questions to stimulate thinking and getting ideas. Socrates had a very different way of thinking and wanted to change the Athens. but his attempt to change had a downfall which caused him execution by drinking poison hemlock.


this man was famous for mathematics. Plato was an amazing teacher and taught from philosophy, logic, ethics, rhetoric, to religion. no one is really sure about his death some stories say he died in his bed another says that he died at a wedding feast, but the most believed was that he died in his sleep . no matter what way he died he was a very important man

3 achivements

  1. art and architecture
  2. philosophy
  3. math and science

the reason why i think these are achievements are because we use these thing a lot and learn more and more about them everyday. without the Greek philosophers creating and having the mind and genuineness to make them i think we wouldn't have them today. no visuals no communication all the stuff created then is very useful now and for along time later