Guildford West Public School

NEWSLETTER - 2021, Term 4, Week 5

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been a fantastic start to Term 4 with our students and staff welcomed back on site over the last few weeks. It was so great to see everyone’s smiling faces and how happy they were walking through the gates on the first day back.

Students have settled straight back into class routines and their learning and have reconnected with their friends in the playground and during social opportunities within the classroom. It has been wonderful to see our classes making the most of our inviting outdoor learning spaces to complete lessons with their class, small group activities with our Learning Support and COVID catch up teachers and even taking part in some outdoor with our Speech and Occupational Therapists.

We are looking forward to a busy and exciting end to the term filled with lots of learning and fun.

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Ms Weston

Support Unit

The Support Unit have all had a wonderful start to the return of face-to-face learning and have enjoyed being back in the classroom with their teachers and peers.

S Smith have been doing lots of outdoor learning activities including playing games like what’s the time Mr wolf, visiting chickens, sensory play and playing ball games like basketball and soccer.

S Warren have been taking their learning outdoors and have played lots of games in the multisensory playground. They have enjoyed working collaboratively with their peers since returning to school.

S Irwin have enjoyed their morning walks to the chickens and collecting their eggs. Students have also completed a range of crafts to celebrate Halloween.

S Mabo have reconnected with lots of teamwork and outdoor learning. They played rob the nest as a movement activity in mathematics.


Kindergarten students have had a wonderful return to school and have quickly settled back into their learning. They have enjoyed spending time outdoors completing hands-on English and Maths activities. Students have continued with the TLC program to learn their sounds through fun and engaging activities. They have resumed Walker Learning where they are focusing on developing their social skills whilst learning about the Geography topic of “Places We Know”.

This term Ms A will be taking Kindergarten for Science and PE lessons. They will be learning about the weather in Science and developing their locomotor skills in PE. We are looking forward to a wonderful term 4 back together at school.

Stage 1

Students have come back to school with big smiling faces and are so happy to be back in the classroom. We have jumped straight back into literacy, maths and Walker learning sessions. Students have been working hard on their reading and writing skills while engaging in hands on Top Ten Maths activities.

S1 Chang and S1 Tucker have been lucky enough to engage in Outdoor Walker Learning this term as we take up our opportunities to learn outdoors. Students have used natural materials to create collages, completed observational drawings of the outdoors, explored insects using magnifying glasses and completed a science experiment to see what types of things the Sun’s heat can melt.

We are excited to continue lots of fun learning experiences at school for the rest of the term!

Stage 2

Stage 2 have been overjoyed to return to school. Students have come back positive and have transitioned back into the classroom smoothly. We have been participating in some truly educational experiences and some fantastic learning has occurred.


As students have been easing back into school, Stage 2 have been focusing on student wellbeing. We have been discussing what we are grateful for and learning how to be kind and respectful to one another. Students have created ‘proud clouds’, discussed what they’re thankful for and are learning how to communicate respectfully.

Outdoor Learning

Stage 2 have been taking their learning outside and we have truly loved it! Students are involved in different learning experiences and are excited to work with their peers again. Students have engaged in ‘Movement in Mathematics’, ‘circle time’ at the logs and writing outside.

Stage 3

Stage 3 students have had a wonderful time back at school with their teachers and friends. It has been so great to see the students and commend them for their resilience and hard work during online learning. Each class has settled back into their routines well and would like to share what they have been up to with you.

S3 Goodes

S3 Goodes identified positive affirmations that they can use in their day-to-day lives as a powerful tool to build self-confidence or cheer them up when they’re feeling down. Students read through a list of example affirmations and shared in a circle a positive affirmation that they feel connected to before creating a personalised affirmations collage.

S3 Luhrmann

Students in S3 Luhrmann have been busy revisiting the expectations of learning at school and the activities we used to do prior to home learning. We have focused on Read to self and read to someone for Daily 5 and we're getting back into writing using our Seven Steps. Students have really enjoyed collaborating together to create pieces of writing that are unique and interesting.

S3 Melba

S3 Melba has been exploring the 3-6 grounds for a Sensory Walk. A sensory walk is typically a fun or colourful pathway that is used for children to explore new or different sensory experiences. Sensory exploration is an important way for all children to begin to develop. Learning through touch and other senses is a great way for children to learn how their bodies work and how they can interact with the world around them. Through the Sensory Walk, we were able to connect a memorable event and create a Personal Narrative based on that moment. Students gathered and brainstormed their ideas through the sensory walk and transferred that experience into their writing.

S3 Perkins

The students in S3 Perkins were extremely fortunate to have Ms Weston join us on Friday for an introduction to the school's new obstacle course. Our class really enjoyed the challenging activities, which are quite a bit harder than they at first appear. Class members of S3 Perkins really enjoyed the opportunity to sample the obstacles, and several students now have a set of personal goals that they are hoping to accomplish before the end of term.

S3 Teo

When we returned to school this week I asked students many questions about their experience online learning and how they felt about returning to school. I then gave them the task to think of an inspirational word that means something to them and will bring others in our school inspiration. They first planned their design on paper, then masked out the area with tape and finally coloured the design with chalk! It was well worth the effort - look how amazing they turned out!

2021 Year 5 Students - Selective High School Information for 2023

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Selective high schools cater for academically gifted students with high potential who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic standard. Selective high schools help these students to learn by grouping them with students of similar ability, and by using specialised teaching methods.

If you would like to have your child considered for Year 7 selective high school entry in 2023, you need to apply on the internet using a valid email address (not the student’s email address).

The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on Thursday 10 March 2022.

Detailed instructions on how to apply and the link to the online form will be available in early-October 2021 at

Applications close on 17 November 2021. You must apply before the closing date.

If you would like more information please see the school office for an information booklet and an 'Intention to apply for Year 7 placement in a selective high school in 2023 form'.

Day for Daniel 2021

On Friday the 29th of October GWPS proudly supported the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in their Day for Daniel which is Australia’s largest day of action to raise awareness for child safety, protection, and harm prevention.

Thank you to everyone who helped us participate in Day for Daniel. Each class accessed informative lessons from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. Together we discussed what a safety helper is, identified safety helpers in our own life and how they help make sure children feel safe and heard.

If you would like more information, please visit their website.

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School Visitor Check-In

A single School Visitor Check-in system for every school across the state is coming from 18 October!

The Department of Education has partnered with Service NSW to provide a streamlined, digital school sign-in system for visitors and contractors at every NSW government school.

Benefits of the new system include:

  • Accelerating your check-ins to as fast as 20 seconds!
  • Linked to NSW Health’s COVID-19 contact tracing ensuring every school is compliant with the NSW COVID-19 mandate.External link
  • Giving every school greater access to streamlined NSW Government services.

Watch our short parent videoExternal link to see how it works for parents or our contractor videoExternal link.

Who can use School Visitor check-in

Visitors such as parents and carers, contractors, service providers and volunteers.

Students or visitors under the age of 18 are not required to use School Visitor Check-in.

School Visitor Check-in will be ready from 18 October at all NSW Government schools.

For more information visit School Visitor Check-in on the department website.

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