Electromagnetic Waves

By Lauren Beachy

What kind of disturbance creates an electromagnetic wave?

Electromagnetic radiation and light creates electromagnetic waves, and these waves are made by a vibrating electric charge.

What are two ways that electromagnetic waves are different from mechanical waves?

Electromagnetic waves have the ability to travel through a vacuum, but mechanical waves need a medium to transport their energy. The electromagnetic waves can transport energy through any space, and this involves electricity and magnetism.

The different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum with respect to wavelength, frequency and energy:

Two ways each kind of wave is used every day:

  • Radio radiation lets us listen to the radio, and it creates television signals so we have an excellent source for entertainment.

  • Microwave radiation allows you to cook and communicate on a mobile phone by transmitting signals.

  • As humans, we feel infrared radiation in the form of heat. This type of wave is used for grills, heaters, toasters, and television remote controls.

  • Visible light allow humans to see different colors. For example, In your everyday life, this may mean you can tell the difference between a red apple and a green apple. There are many situations in your life where seeing different colors can benefit you. Without visible light, you wouldn’t be able to have a favorite color!

  • Ultraviolet radiation is used in security pens and sun beds.

  • X-rays are used to examine welds and metal components for damages, and they also produce pictures of bones to know whether or not you have a fracture.

  • The typical use of gamma rays are killing cancer cells and getting rid of harmful bacteria in our food.