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Notes and Such From The Class Of The Future


Economics Fair -- The Economics Fair is this Friday, the 12th. Students need to be to the elementary no later than 8:40 in order to get setup and ready. We will have students starting to come in the the fair at 9:00am. If you would like to arrive a little early on Friday to help your child setup, you are welcome to. The door will be open about 8:20.
What does my child need to have with them for the Economics Fair?

1. Their project. Make sure they bring all 24 items.
2. A small container or Ziploc bag to put tickets in.
3. A pen to sign the tickets with.
4. Advertisement poster. This can be as simple or elaborate as desired. It needs to be no larger than a full size piece of poster board.
If you still need the packet, you can download it here.

Spelling Bee -- The class and grade level spelling bees will be this week. Our class be will be on either Wednesday or Thursday. The grade level bee will be on Friday afternoon. It will start about 1:00pm.

Science Fair -- Science Fair packets were due last week. There are several of the students that haven't turned in the packet yet. I realize that the fair isn't until after Christmas Break, however, I still need to have the packet turned in ASAP. Turning in the packet doesn't mean the project has to be completed, it just means your child needs to decide on their project and fill out the packet.

Spelling Test -- This week, spelling will be a little odd. I gave the students the test for Unit 3 Lesson 2 last week, however, I had told them earlier in the week that we weren't going to have the test. For the most part they did amazing. There are a couple of them that didn't test quite as well as they usually do. I have already told them they will have all week this week to retake the test. Along with retaking the test from last week, we will be working on Unit 3 Lesson 3. Due to the Economics Fair and the Spelling Bee, we will most likely have the test on Thursday this week. Keep that in mind when you are helping your child prepare for the test. You can get the list here.

AR Party -- As we approach the end of the term, I am concerned about some of the students and their progress towards their AR goals. I know that many of them were disappointed when they didn't get to attend the party at the end of first term. By 4:00pm on Monday the 8th, I will update PowerSchool so that it reflects your child's progress towards meeting their AR goal. If you have questions on what we can do to help your child reach their goal, please let me know.

Students need to have reached their goal for Term 2 by the end of school on December 19, which is only a half day. The Term 2 party will be on January 9.

Term 2 Fine Arts Assembly -- The Term 2 Fine Arts Assembly will be on Monday, December 15. It will be held in the Junior High Auditorium, at 2:10pm. All parents are invited to attend and see what your child has been learning during their Fine Arts time this term.

Assignments, Events and Birthdays

  • 12/02 -- Science Fair Packet
  • 12/03 -- Hope of America Permission Slip and Money
  • 12/19 -- Term 2 AR Party Goal Cutoff


  • 12/08 -- Dress Down Fundraiser. Wristbands are free with a 5 can donation before December 5th
  • 12/11 -- Spirit of Christmas
  • 12/12 -- 5th Grade Economics Fair
  • 12/12 -- Spirit Dress Down Day
  • 12/12 -- 5th Grade Spelling Bee. Top eight students will be advanced to the school spelling bee.
  • 12/12 -- Spirit of Christmas
  • 12/15 -- Spirit of Christmas
  • 12/15 -- Term 2 Fine Arts Assembly (2:10 in the auditorium, parents are invited)
  • 12/19 -- End of Term 2. Half day of school.
  • 12/20 - 01/04 -- NO SCHOOL. Christmas Break
  • 01/08 -- Science Fair
  • 01/09 -- Term 2 AR Party


12/12 -- Slade P. (Half)
12/16 -- Zach S. (Half)
12/17 -- Savannah H. (Half)
12/31 -- Caleb A.

Economics Fair Jingles

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (Economics Fair 2014)
Joy To The World (Economics Fair 2014)

Weekly Brain Boggler

I appear to be moving but for the most part I'm not,
It's you who are spinning and moving a lot.
I share my name with a male child,
And under me on the beach people go wild!
If you stay on the beach you may get a tan.
Most likely you will want a fan.
What am I?