Professional Development Plan

for Ryann Larke


From 2015-2020, I plan on still working at Cornwall Central Middle School as a tenured teacher, but also pursuing a path as an instructional technology leader. I want to be a positive role model and a voice for many teachers and staff members as their technology leader. The quote I chose speaks to me as a leader because I feel it is such a powerful statement. I have the power to help someone and maybe even change the way they think about technology.


The following conferences can help me as I pursue my career as a technology specialist. I will be able to take what I learn from the different conferences, apply it in my classroom, and be able to share my knowledge with my colleagues.

Wednesday, October 28th

The Cornwall Central School District will have Superintendent's Conference Day with a focus on Instructional Technology. I will be attending the following workshops:

1. 9:10-10:10: Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety for Staff and the K-12 learning environment

2. 10:15-11:15: Integrating IPADS in Special Education

3. 11:20-12:20: iPad App Share, Show, and Tell

4. 12:30-1:30: Introduction to Edmodo

Thursday, December 3rd

Using Google Classroom to Create a Collaborative Learning Environment in the Secondary Classroom-Grades 5-12

Location: Cornwall High School

Time: 3:00-5:00

New Educator Series- Do you Speak Information Technology and Integration?

Program: School Library System

Audience: Teachers, Library Media Specialists, Educators, Administrators

Dates: 11/10/2015

Meeting Times: 11/10/15 - 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Location: Arden Hill - ISS Room 156

PBS Digital Media in the Classroom

Wednesday, December 9th


Rockland BOCES Conference Center

Audience: Teachers, TAs, Admins

Standard 6: a,b,c


Over the next year or two, I plan to shadow the head of our IT department. She travels to all the different schools within the district and is in charge of making sure technology is running effectively. She helps mentor the technology specialists within each building. I know I could learn a lot from her and it would be interesting to travel to the different buildings. I know the technology available in the middle school, but the technology varies between the buildings. She would be able to show me a lot and give me the right tools to mentor someone myself. I would love to meet once a week and I would keep a journal using Google Docs, so I could document my experiences and she would be able to see my progress as well. Eventually, I would like to mentor a staff member seeking help. They may need help integrating lessons using technology or advice on different types of technology tools to use. Again, I would like to meet once a week and document using Google docs.

Standard 3f

Professional Organizations

I am a member of NYSCATE which is an affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and cooperates with such partners as the New York State Education Department, state and national educational organizations, private sector corporations, and publishers to further the use of technology in our schools. The ISTE standards for coaches will be something I will be eating, sleeping, and breathing as I move forward as a technology leader. I will use these standards to help me support learning and teaching through the use of technology.

Standard 6a

Public Presentations and Professional Development

Last year, my district started a Technology Expo that took place on April 8th. The Expo was well received and will continue for as long as they have participants willing to share. Each spring, I will participate in the Technology Expo with my students. It is a nice way to showcase technology and what better way than to have students share firsthand how to use it. The students are able to showcase how to use the technology and explain why they like it. The teachers act as facilitators. I plan to hold many workshops geared towards different tech bytes that could be beneficial within a classroom. I want to be able to show my colleagues the different ways to implement technology within a lesson. I plan on doing a workshop every few months to help my colleagues. At the end of each workshop, there will be a Google Form for them to fill out which allow me to have feedback to improve. I will also make sure to stay connected with my colleagues via Google Docs. This way, everyone can collaborate and share ideas. My colleagues would be able to ask questions and share thoughts on the tech byte while staying connected with everyone.

Standard 4: a,b,c

Instructional Technology Support for Colleagues

Each workshop, would be an introduction on how to use the tool. The members who attend the workshop will be able to work with the technology. I think there is great value to creating as we go, so they will be able to experience the different tech bytes. I will provide examples of how the technology could be used in the classroom. After hearing from my colleagues, we can discuss how to implement the technology within their classroom and make it work for them.

Standard 3b