Eagle Sightings April

Holly Wehner Principal

Dear Families and Caregivers,

As we begin this month of April, it is wonderful to see more flowers blooming and some blue sky and sunshine! The rest of the year always seems to go so fast from here, and we are dedicated to filling each day with learning. Academic learning and Social Emotional Learning are happening daily. This year there has been a lot of growth as students have relearned (or learned for the first time) how to be together for the full day as a class and as a school community. Throughout the months we have had several monthly character themes including Courage, Perseverance, Honesty, Respect, Cooperation, Empathy and Responsibility. This month we will be focusing on Kindness, but we continue to discuss and review the themes of the year, as they are all very important in our daily lives.

Many parents have asked about opportunities to volunteer. Thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm! Currently, since the change of the mask mandate on March 17, the Department of Health Guidance is to keep all other mitigating measures (besides the masks) in place. Currently we have zero cases of COVID in our school, and we hope to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. You may hear from teachers about options to join outdoor field trips, or other outdoor events, which is very exciting! Then, when the time comes and we are able to have volunteers in the building working with students, we will share the policies and procedures for that. We are also looking forward to that day! We are so grateful for your partnership and patience.

Thank you,

Holly Wehner

April 5th at 6:00- PTO meeting

The FHES Parent Teacher Organization:

Join the PTO at their next meeting to ring in a new board!

Next meeting April 5th at 6:00 in the FHES Library


Families, please be sure your child knows their going home plans before they go to school.

STAR After-School Program

Island Rec has begun their STAR After-School Program. If you would like to register your student or learn more about the program please go to: http://www.islandrec.org/star/

A friendly reminder that STAR has use of the FHES playground from 3:00-4:30. They ask that students who are NOT part of the STAR program refrain from using the play area during this time.

Counselor's Corner April 2022

Kids and Big Feelings - Academic and social situations can contribute to big feelings for kids, such as frustration, anger, and anxiety. Students who learn to effectively manage uncomfortable feelings have greater success in focusing and working in school. When students become overwhelmed by their emotions, their ability to handle stress deteriorates, rendering them less effective at handling further challenges. Being able to manage feelings effectively by using Ways to Calm Down, including positive self-talk, can help students achieve more personal, social, and school success! Here is what students are learning in Second Step about managing feelings:

How to Calm Down

Stop - notice the feeling in your body, and use your signal

Name your feeling - “I feel___”

Calm down:

  • Breathe

  • Slow counting

  • Use positive self talk

Thank you!

Ms. Terra


If your child has to miss a day of class please remember to excuse the absence with a reason by emailing jeannarheinberger@sjisd.org or calling 360-370-7302.

Thank you!

Child Find Screening: Friday April 29, 2022 Room 4 at FHMS

Any child, birth to five, whose family or caregivers would like more information about their child's development.

Email Becky Bell with any questions at beckybell@sjisd.org

Student Safety

It was brought to our attention that the lights at the crosswalk at Argyle were out. We worked with the city, and we are happy to announce that the lights are now working! Student safety is our number one priority, those lights play a role in keeping your student safe on their way to and from school.

Meals are currently free for children

We would appreciate your Free & Reduced price applications; the benefits are many for both families and schools, thank you!

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