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Places to visit

Niagara Falls

Come to Niagara Falls! Why? Well, because of the cool views, the electric plant, and be treated by wonderful employees. Some stuff you might want to bring- You should bring a waterproof camera to take pictures of this awesome waterfall. You also should come there at night to see the cool lights. You will need a raincoat and waterproof boots. But that down side of things here is that its a ways to travel and it's also loud and wet there. Niagara Falls is located at exactly at 43 degrees north 79 degrees west. But don't forget your money for souvenirs!

Mount Everest

Why should you come to Mount Everest you may ask? Well,How about recreational activities like hiking, mountain climbing, the cool mountain view. Finally, it's the tallest mountain in the world and who wouldn't want to see that? Here's a tip: go there in the morning because if your planning on climbing, it takes a while. Don't forget a person to climb with because people have died climbing alone. Mount Everest is exactly located at 28 degrees north 87 degrees east. A few things you might want to bring are coat, hat, gloves, snow pants, and insulated boots. You want that stuff because it gets cold up at the top. You also will want hiking gear and water. But some bad things are that at the top there's less oxygen, and it's cold and windy.


Kīleuea is an active volcano in the wonderful state of Hawaii! You should come here to see the volcano erupt because it's pretty cool to watch. You should also come to see the awesome molten rock (lava) or the hardened lava. It's also a very tropical and beautiful place. Then some people call Kīleuea a mountain because some volcanoes are started as a mountain like this one did. Kīleuea is located at 19 degrees north 155 degrees west. A few things you might want to pack are water, camera and if you want to get close to the lava you might want to pack heat gear. A tip: go there when it erupts because it's cool to watch, but make sure you stay a safe distance away from the volcano!

Three ways People Split up the Earth

A few More Places to Visit

  1. Grand Canyon national park: 15th oldest national park, and is distinguished by its natural rock formation bands of red rock.
  2. Great Wall of China: ancient wall and walk way, stretches 5,500 miles across china
  3. Statue of Liberty: most of american immigrants saw this statue and was a sign of freedom.
  4. White House It's the presidents house, it was built in 1792.