Dropped cone

Cologne, Germany

Content one: Background and History!

Who was the sculptor?

The artist who made the Dropped Cone sculpture was Clause Oldenberg and his wife Coosjvan Bruggen.

Who commissioned the sculpture?

The owner of the shopping mall Nevmarkt Galerine.

When was it installed?

It was installed on the top corner of the shopping centre in 2001

How long did this presses take?

It was finished March 2001. But it most likely took several months to do.

Content 2: Artist statement!

What does the artist say about this piece of work?

He thought the idea of the cone being the main subject was an irresistible idea. Especially after they found the word "cone" concealed in the letters of the name of the city,

What was his thought process?

"The sculpture's tilt differentiated it from the surrounding church steeples, while the emphasis on the cone for separated it from the advertising veriations found in the street. We applied a diamond pattern in relief, giving the cone an architectural characters. The "ice cream" massifs shape a convincing reflection of the impact of the "dropping" of the cone resulted from lengthy experimentation wig a clay model. While our presentation drawing for the sculpture had shown several colorful flavors, Coosje reduced the final choice to a single luminous vanilla." ~Clause

What did they want to communicate with this work of art?

He wanted to make the building irresistible

Did they meet any challenges along the way?

At first they were going to do several different flavors for the ice cream. But in the end they/Coojie, his wife, said just do one luminous which was vanilla

Content 3: Taylor Wolter's opinion!

My opinion on the sculpture, the Dropped Cone, is that it is a very neat and cool idea! It is very eye catching and hard not to stare at. It is a beautiful and creative pice that shows shape very well. I would love to go and see it one day!