Child's Pull Toy

Designed by Ilya Velmiskin

Define the Problem

A toy company needs a new toy designed for the holidays. The toy category chosen is a child’s pull toy.


Must be Durable.

Must not exceed 15" deep x24" wide x24" high.

The product must not require external AC power.

Research the Problem

Develop Possible Solutions

Choose the Best Solution

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Create a Prototype

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Play Pac-Man in real life! But be careful to not let the ghosts catch Pac-Man or it's game over. Pac-Man is always at the front while at the back 2+ ghosts follow which come in a multitude of colors.


The Pac-Man + Ghost(s) pull toy is designed to allow your child to find the fun in walking. It allows your child to learn the consequences of an abrupt stop and how patience can be rewarding just with one toy.


1) Tie string to Pac-Man and Ghost(s) at the designated holes. (String not included).

2) Pick up string.

3) Pull string to move Pac-Man and Ghost(s).

4) Walk do not run at a leisurely pace making sure not to exhaust oneself.

Safety Precautions:
1) Be aware of the string at all times.

2) Make sure Pac-Man doesn't lose.

3) When touching any metal bits be wary they may be hot.


1) Include string with product (Lacking funding)

2) Get a license to use Pac-Man and associated characters (Shh)

3) Use thicker metal pieces to secure the rope better