Theodore Roosevelt

by Taylor Lindow

Theodore's Life

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president. Teddy took politics in college, he met his first wife here, her name was Alice Lee. Then in 1898 he became governer of New York. In 1900 Theodore became Vice President, 1 year later he became president because McKinley was sho and killed. Teddy was the youngest was president yet.

Important People

Teddy had many friends. One of them was Alice Lee, who was his first wife. Another was his second wife Edith Carow after Alice fdied in 1884. One more was President McKinley who was killed in 1901 ad was a good man. Theodore had many friends.

Interesting facts

Teddy was an interesting person. Teddy went out west and got a cattle ranch and his own brandin 1883 and 1884. In 1895 he led the NYC police commesion. In 1902 he was hunting and refused to shoot an injured bear, and that is why we have a teddy bear. Theodore Roosevelt was very interesting.
If you be good to people they will be good to you, like Theodore.

Theodore Roosevelt

By Steve Potts