Cell Organelles

By: Paige Leininger


This organelle is in the animal and plant cell. It holds the construction plans (DNA) and it controls the cell. Its like the mayor of the cell.
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Cell membrane

This organelle you can find it in the animal,plant and bacteria cells. Cell membrane is the outer lining of the cell. Its like the doorman in the cell.
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Cytoplasm in found in bacteria,animal and plant cells. The cytoplasm is the fluid that fills a cell. This is where all the action happens.
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This organelle is found in the animal and plant cell. The ribosome follow instructions from the nucleus and create proteins that the cell needs. This organelle is like a small factories.
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This organelle is found in the animal and plant cell. They produce energy- rich molecule called ATP which fuels most of the action in the cell. The mitochondria works like a power plant.
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The vacuole is in the plant cells and animal cells but in the animal cell its really small. The vacuole stores water and nutrients and store products. This organelle works like a storage warehouse.
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Golgi body

Golgi body is only found in the animal cell. The Golgi body groups items and packaging them in vesicles. This organelle is like a packaging plant.
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The ER is found in the animal and plant cell. It prepares the proteins for transport to the Golgi apparatus packaging plant of the cell or straight to other parts of the cell. Its like a big factory complex.
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Lysosome is in the animal cell. They break down waste and detoxify poisons to clean cell up, they salvage any materials. This organelle is like a recycling station.
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Cell wall

The cell is only in the plant and bacteria cells. They make the shape and structure and also protects the cell. The cell wall is like a security guard.
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This organelle is only found in the plant cell. It converts the sun rays into energy that the cell can use. This organelle is like a solar power plant.
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Cell theory

1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells

2. The cell is the basic unit of structure and organizations in organisms

3. All cells come from Preexisting cells

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Eukaryotic has a nucleus and examples are things alive (plants,animals,fungi) There hereditary information is in the nucleus. They are evolved from prokaryotes.

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Prokaryotic they lack nucleus and examples are Bacteria and Archaea. It has hereditary information and its contained within the cytoplasm. Also first cells to evolves.

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Body Organization

Cells --> tissues --> organs --> organ system --> organism.

Cells are the smallest and make up everything in the body and then tissue which makes the organs which then turns into a system which is the organ system which makes a organism.

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