alayna adamson

fun facts about me

about ME!

my name is alayna adamson! i am 15 years old! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION they are my altime favorite band!!!!!!!! i like justin bieber and cody simpson also! i love animals! i like to read and i love to listen to music! i live with my mom! my mom and dad have been split up for 15 years! i have 1 sister and she is 30 years old! i have 3 nephews they are 10, 4 and 3 years old! i would like to be a person who works for kids that have cancer when i grow up!!! this summer i helped my mom babysit, and hung out with my friend! i am not involved in anything for school! my favorite color is PINK! I AM A VERY SHY AND QUIET PERSON! i dont like to talk! i usually keep comments and things to myself!


one thing people do not know about me is that i have tourettes! you may not notice it first off but if u hang out with me or get to know me u will slowly recognize that i stutter whenever i talk!