The Red Cross

By Kachina Burrola

Role in Darfur

The Red Cross helped the farmers of Darfur by giving them seeds and tools so they could help increase the area under cultivation. They also took part in the release of various detainees and in transfer of captured soldiers held by armed opposition groups. Their role is more like Article 27 and Article 14, due to them helping both the community by giving them vegetables/fruits that would benefit half a million people and trying to release the captured Sudanese soldiers.

Who supports their mission

The Red Cross has worked with the Sudanese Red Crescent to ensure that people directly affected by armed conflict are protected and receive emergency aid and medical care. The Red Cross get their resources by donations, since it's a international disaster it most likely would be through financial assistance and it would be the effective way for you to support the Red Cross international responses.

Successes in Darfur

The Red Cross have supported Darfur with so many things, such as 100,000 people have been help because they've given their animals vaccines. The program had reached 800,000 animals belonging to nomadic communities. The Red Crescent and the Red Cross strives to support displaced people by giving them food rations enabling the initial shock of leaving their homes. For people who've been displaced for a long period of time would be helped and regain the ability to fend for themselves.