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Gold out of the water

A step towards the dream of the ancient alchemists.
Scientists from Canada have determined that it is responsible for the production of gold and were able to identify this substance - delftibaktin. It makes gold precipitated from water. In any type of water, according to scientists, contains a certain amount of gold ions. In theory, they can be put together into a full bar. True, it would require a lot of water. Moreover addition of gold ions are pulled out of the water, iron ions. So in the end there is the risk of getting iron nuggets mixed with gold.
Discovery scientists can use to clean wastewater. And if you get delftibaktin in sufficient quantities, it is likely to fulfill the dream of alchemists of antiquity - turn water into gold.

Rust retain solar energy.

Using energy from the sun and ultra-thin films of iron oxide (more commonly known as rust), scientists at the Israel Institute of Technology have demonstrated a new way to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The results of the well can lead to the emergence of cheaper and more efficient technologies of long-term storage of solar energy in the form of hydrogen fuel.

This will create low-cost solar cells and is useful as a form of storage of solar energy, which will go to the cause in the dark and in less favorable weather conditions.

Solar Power in the Dark - Avner Rothschild Technion