May Newsletter 2015

Story Book Hollow - Growing and Learning Together!

Spring is in the air!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the children are all excited to spend some extended time outside. April was full of so many changes. Not only did the weather change but the outside of the school changed as well. The children are loving our new playground!

We would like to wish all of our mothers a very happy Mother's Day. You all are truly amazing and your children reflect that.

May is Teacher Appreciation and the administration would like to recognize all of our staff and their hard work and dedication to your children and the center. Thank you for all you do!

Don't forget to check the calendar for daily events, including the Center Closing for Memorial Day!

Infant News

April showers bring May flowers! We'd like to welcome Valentina to our class. This month we will introduce the babies to the little critters crawling through our gardens while we explore the outdoors. With the warmer weather approaching we will be going outside to play more often. Fresh air, bubbles, songs, sun and more! Please pack a light jacket for your child each day. We will continue to work on enhancing your child's fine and gross motor skills through not just indoor but now outdoor activities!

Congratulations to Aiden for standing on his own! Gavin is starting to stack blocks on his own and knock them over, Savannah and Zoey are vocalizing, James is sitting up without support and Lilliana is saying "mama". Ali is growing more confident and trying new things. And Brandon, a senior man on site, will soon be running around the room.

We'd like to wish all the moms a very Happy Mothers Day! A very special day for all those celebrating their first Mother's Day. Moms make the world go round!

Toddler News

Happy May to the Toddler Class! We can't believe the school year is almost ending! The toddlers are very excited for the warm weather. We are having so much fun going outside and playing hide and go seek! They love to find their teachers. Since the weather has warmed up and we are going outside more often we have been enjoying some class picnics in the sun. This month we will be focusing on flowers, Mother's Day, bugs and insects and finally, oceanography.

We will be going on nature walks and observing insects in their habitat as well as looking at their differences. We've been examining worms we find under rocks and stumps and the kids are truly fascinated by them. We can't wait to get our caterpillars and watch them grow into butterflies. We all have successfully recognized our first names and now we will be focusing on our last names.

Preschool News

May has arrived and we are leaving the month of April and the cold weather behind! April was full of out of this world adventures as we learned about the sun, moon and all the planets in our solar system. We made telescopes and "found " constellations in our classroom. Preserving our Earth was our main focus and we made a lot of fun projects using recycled objects as well as learning the importance of taking care of our habitat.

We look forward to the exciting month of May. We will be journeying around the world focusing on other cultures daily; learning how they celebrate their holidays, what they eat as well as how they dress. We are so excited to be exploring the life and habitat of bugs and insects. Our caterpillars will be arriving here soon and we will be watching them grow and morph into butterflies. After focusing on our creepy crawly friends we will splash over to wonders of ocean life. We have so many exciting adventures ahead!


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Please make sure your child has a light jacket as we will be outside regularly .