Leadership in Me

By Fawaz Syed

Top 5 Atributes of A Leader

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1) Selfessness

If a leader is selfish, he does not care about his followers and would be using them. When the followers figure this out, they will most likely leave him. A true leader should be willing to give up anything to help any follower of his.

2) Confidence

Without confidence in a leader, the followers and the leader will not be able to achieve anything. A leader should be able to take risks for the sake of greater good for their followers. This way the leader is actually effective in achieving a goal.

3) Persuasive

There is no leader in the world that is not persuasive. A leader cannot expect to become a leader by telling people, “follow me”. They need to have a reason on what they are doing and use persuasive to make others agree to follow. For example, there would be no World War II, if Hitler was not so persuasive.

4) Intelligence

If a leader does not what he is doing and how to do it, he can only hurt his followers, causing them to leave. If a leader was intelligent, then the goal that the followers and him are trying to achieve will have clear path on how to reach there. It would let him plan his decisions better to make them more effective.

5) Flexibility

If a leader is not flexible, a different group can move pass them easily, leading to the leader and followers failure. A leader needs to have structure, but he needs to know when things are going bad, that he needs to change the structure a little. For example, on Master Chef, there were two groups who were competing against each other in who can me the best hamburgers. One side was really good and organized, but then the other group’s leader became a little flexible with the recipe, and won. While the originally winning team stayed with the same recipe, even though they saw how the other group taking lead.
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My Leadership Qualities


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My Quiz Results