Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

Our Girls on the Run Coaches and students will complete their 5K on Saturday!!! They have trained hard and are going to do amazing!!!

Thank you to our 2nd grade teachers for preparing for the Elementary Science Fair...The students are going to love it!!!

From Pam Zoda, Director pf Federal Programs

I was blown away at your willingness to share your schools, ideas, and learning culture. I know St. Anthony Catholic School learned more this morning than they would have in any sit and get workshop. Your schools are amazing! Thanks for sharing your time and energy. You all are rock stars!!! If the schools follow up with additional questions, please just forward them to me. I will mediate between our district and the private school because they REALLY LIKE OUR STUFF and it can become time consuming.

The Rice Way Team worked hard this week on some exciting things!!! They are joining with RRG Consulting to write lessons to teach your classes to address their social/emotional needs. There will be 3 strands (PK, K/1st, and 2nd-4th). The lesson will have an online e presence and allow easy navigation for teachers. A few Rice Way team members will be piloting the lesson in April. I am so proud of the forward thinking and expertise of our campus!!!

Week at a Glance: January 28th-Feb 1st

Monday-White Day

3rd/4th ELA PLC-TELPAS Training

GT Testing: Library Closed

Tuesday-Black Day

Kinder PLC-TELPAS Training

GT Testing: Library Closed

Amber Schultz on campus

11:30: 3rd Grade & Susan Hineman Desserts and Dish in PLC (*lunch coverage provided)

4:30-Kinder Math in Action

5:30-Literacy Night

Wednesday-Red Day

3rd/4th ELA PLC-TELPAS Training

GT Testing: Library Closed

100th Day of School

8:30-4th grade Bilingual Meeting

9:30-3rd grade Bilingual Meeting

10:25-2nd Grade RtI Behavior Meetings

11:30-PK & Kinder Desserts and Dish in PLC (*lunch coverage provided)

1:15-1st Grade Rti Behavior Meetings

2:10-Kinder RtI Behavior Meetings

3:30-Raccoon TRACKS

Thursday-White Day

1st/2nd Grade PLC-TELPAS Training

**Updated Reading Levels due in Google sheet

12:00-Specials Dessert and Dish in PLC

12:30-1st grade and Hannah Lindwall Dessert and Dish (*lunch coverage provided)

4:30-1st Math in Action

Friday-Red Day

K/1st/2nd ELA PLC-TELPAS Training

12:00-4th Grad & Mary Artusy Dessert and Dish (*lunch coverage provided)

12:35-2nd Grade Dessert and Dish (*lunch coverage provided)

Math Review Quiz


Elementary Science Fair at the Lone Star Convention Center

Staff Birthdays

Sarah Korabek- 1/27

Tanya Null- 1/29

Staff Updates

Dessert and Dish

using some feedback from the Mid-year reflection, Mrs. Sciba and myself will be setting times to meet with teams and check up. We will have lunch coverage, so you just need to drop your kids off in the cafeteria and then bring your lunch to the PLC room...dessert will be provided. This will allow all teachers to supervise recess on the designated days.

After School Supervision

Just a reminder that after school, staff children need to be in their parents classroom. Students involved in clubs may go to that club and then return to their parents classroom. Also, chrome book carts and ipad carts are not open to use during this time. Students may use the desktop computer located in their parent's classroom. Thank you for your diligence in keeping this a priority.

Raccoon TRACKS

We have some wonderful sessions for our Raccoon TRACKS...treats will be set up in the Library.

  • Stem Scopes (Art Room) with Mary Littlejohn
  • STEM Lab Overview (STEM Lab) with Megan Caldwell
  • Calming Box (Library) with Angel Orr