American dishes for Christmas

We hope that we wrote right things! By Maddalena&Giulia

Typical Christmas dishes

Many Christmas customs that take place in the United States have been adopted from the United Kingdom, although customs from Germany, also one of the major ethnic groups, are also reflected in common customs.As such, the mainstays of the English table are much the same in the United States:

1- cranberry sauce

2- turkey


4-pumpkin pie

5-green beans

They are all very common. Corn is also a holiday favourite, used during Thanksgiving also to celebrate the Pilgrims' landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.


Alternately, ham is often served instead of, or along with, the turkey. Stuffing might include chestnuts, oysters, fruit, or the basic herbed bread. Dessert often reflects the ethnic background of the participants, but often includes pumpkin pie, fruitcake, or mince pie. Regional meals vary from one to another, but for the Thanksgiving Day the meals are irremovable and traditional for all the American people. They often repeat the typical menu for both celebration (Christmas and Thanksgiving Day).In the northwest America replace ham and turkey with roast goose. In the South a traditional Christmas dinner might include posole, tamales, empanaditas (mincemeat turnovers) and biscochitos. Another tradition with holiday meals in the United States is grace.