Weekly Jaguar Update

Thank you for an amazing Red Ribbon Week

Somethings to Keep in Mind...

Next week is the last week of the second six weeks period!


Next week in Science we will start to design and build our CO2 cars. Please if you can please have the students bring a shoe box for the them to store their cars and supplies. The building will be accompanied by notes on Force and Motion.

Advanced and Regular Math

Every math class is working on Prime Factorization, finding the LCM and GCF. We will have a review on Wednesday 10/6 and a test on Thursday 10/7. Because this test falls so close to the end of the six weeks it will be recorded on the 3rd six weeks average.

Study Zone - Did you know that peer tutors are availableTuesday - Friday in the Library to help with homework? Please talk to your son/daughter and make sure they know about study zone. Remind them that it is another resource to use when they need help on the any homework.

English/Language Arts

Next week in ELA, we will be continuing our non-fiction unit. We will read excerpts from biographies such as Ray Charles, Michael Phelps, and Eleanor Roosevelt. We will also spend four days in the computer lab wrapping up our biography research projects. These will be presented the week of November 11 and will count as two test grades. More info on presenting days will follow. Please call or email me with any questions.

Social Studies

Next week we will continue studying various world economies. Students will learn more about economies of the following regions: South America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We will learn the major imports and exports of many different countries and what effects these have on a global scale as well as on us as individuals. If your student made a 74 or less on the Economies Exam, please encourage them to do test corrections and turn them into me no later than the end of the day Wednesday the 6th. They may improve their test grade and receive up to a 75.