1-2-3 Thrive!!!

Are you ready?

Happy Friday!!!

Good Morning Friends!

If you are receiving this newsletter it is because at some point over the last 6 months you graciously accepted my invitation to share information with you about Thrive. As you know, Steve and I have been "Thrivers" since November 2014 and I became a Promoter for Le-Vel in January 2015. It has been a great learning experience as this is a type of career I had never expected to experience. Speaking of Experiences...for those of you who have tried Thrive as either a sample or you have in fact become a "Thriver" yourself, I say WELCOME!! Some have a WOW factor on Day 1 as Steve and I did. However, there are as many different experiences as there are people who have entertained the idea of adding this amazing product to their everyday lives. Some have tried. Stopped. And then tried again only to find they are in a different place and something clicked that hadn't clicked before...Or, if you haven't tried Thrive yet, you may be thinking...why do I need this? I am doing just fine. I thought that too when Thrive was first introduced to us by my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. (September 2014, yes I took a while to wrap my head around it also!) But do you know why they shared it with us? Not to make money on us or to increase their customer numbers, I assure you. It was because they love and care about us and knew what an amazing impact Thrive was making on their lives and the lives of those around them. And that is simply it. I feel great, and I want you to feel great also! So I will continue to pop up here and there to remind you I am still here :) Hopefully not to bug you, but to simply remind you I have an Experience for you that I think you would like. Even LOVE! When you are ready.

Until the next time...Thrive On Friends!! xo ~Alison