More Advantageous Than E-Books

Textbooks are more advantageous. They are vital to the learning process. Books like the ones pictured below, from the PhilanTopic webpage, are user friendly. They are a tradition that everyone is familiar with. Books can be felt and smelled. The pages can be flipped, and the content can be shared with others. Books are something that will be around forever.
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Books vs. E-Books: Episode 3 - On the Bookshelf
Although textbooks take up more space, they are still favored by most. The above video, Books vs. E-Books: Episode 3-On the Bookshelf, examines the physical differences of the two types of books. Books can support themselves. They aren't as fragile as tablets. Also, looking at the variety of covers on books is a huge part of the reading experience. People say don't judge a book by the cover, but we all do. The cover sets the tone for the book. E-Books don't have the same effect on readers. The font can also be changed on an E-Book. This takes away from the authors specific message. Receiving the book in its original form will always be superior.