Registered Nurse

"Nurses are the hospitality of the hospital"

Career Description

Working Environment
  • Hospital

Job Description:

  • Recording patients medical history
  • Administer medicine
  • Observe patients
  • Operate medical equipment
  • Teach patients how to manage illness


  • 4 12 hour shifts per week


  • $32+ per hour

Stress Level:

  • Range from minimal to very high stress (Depends which unit you work in)

Why I Chose This Career

I chose to pursue to become a registered nurse because i enjoy helping people. I always put people before myself and I am very caring. Another reason I want to be a registered nurse is because nurses can work day or night shifts and are flexible. Having family in the medical field helped me choose my career path too because they all love their jobs.

Education Plan

I plan on going to the Nursing School at Eastern Michigan University where i will get my bachelors degree. My plan will take 4 years to accomplish.



  • New Tampa, Florida

Job Growth:

  • 3.13%

Average salary for RN's in Florida:

  • $70,000

Average salary for RN's in Michigan:

  • $66,000

In Florida your dollar stretches farther than in Michigan. The indexes in Florida for cost of living beat Michigan in almost every category compared. New Tampa has an average housing cost of $158,000 which is cheaper than Ann Arbor. It also has on average 244 sunny days a year compared to cold Michigan winters and over 180 of those days are over 90 degrees. After taxes in Florida my net pay yearly would be $53,000 compared to Michigan my salary would be about $47,000