Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 31 Aug-4 Sept 2015

Dates for the diary

*ECA's begin next week - week beginning Monday 7th September

*September 14th-18th* – Book Week!

Come dressed up as your favourite book character on Friday 18th September.

*Celebration of Learning - Monday 21st September 8 - 8:20am

Flowers and Insects Exit Point trip - date to be confirmed

Swimming - Please note that next week is the last week of swimming for this Block. Swimming resumes on the week starting 26th October .and continues until Christmas.

IPC - Flowers and Insects

We began the week by creating our butterfly gardens outside our classrooms! They look fantastic and now we wait to see if any butterfly and insect visitors will come by! Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped with this activity.

Our plant and seed observations have continued this week as we looked back at our first predictions and saw whether they were good ones! We then discussed and came up with conclusions about what plants need to live and thrive. Our latest investigation has involved trying to explain how a plant can 'drink up' water. After examining the cross section of the plant stem the children discussed their ideas.

One child commented...

'The inside is kind of spongy so I think it will absorb the water!" The children are really thinking with their 'scientific hats on'!!

In the latter part of the week, one of our investigations involved using water mixed with different food colouring and white carnation flowers. We are waiting to see what might happen.........Watch this space next week when we reveal our findings!!

Next week we will be looking at bean seed germination and researching some of the questions from the Knowledge Harvest.

Language Arts

This week, Prep 2s revised the spelling patterns - ie/i_e. igh and y. These spelling patterns all have the 'i' sound. They used their detective skills to spot these patterns in books; they generated words with these spelling patterns in a game of Boggle. An effective tool in getting children to understand spelling patterns is by 'word studying' through books and writing that they read. Can you help spot anymore of these words at home or when you are out this weekend with your child?

We introduced a new genre in Writers Workshop this week - Author study. You may have read from last week's newsletter that we are looking for help from you to collect more Eric Carle books. If you have any at home, please do bring them in. We will do our best to look after them and return them when we are finished with this genre. We noticed a lot of things about Eric Carle. He is not only an author, he is also an illustrator.

Here are some of the noticings from the children:

His sentences are short.

The hungry caterpillar is like an information book because he tells us about the life cycle of a butterfly.

He repeats words and pictures.

His pictures grow with the story.

The animals talk.

We have also used his books to look at punctuation. We noticed that Eric Carle uses a variety of punctuation in his writing e.g. full stops, commas, exclamation marks, question marks, speech marks and more. Please do these noticings in their books at home too. How many full stops are there? How many question marks can you see? What types of punctuation do you see?

Our CAFE strategy this week is Skippy Frog. This strategy helps us to practice fluency so we do not lose the meaning of the sentence by being stuck on a word for too long. Sometimes, it helps to finish reading the sentence to get a clue for the tricky word. The children have been practising this strategy during DEAR time.


This week in Maths, we have been Measuring Mass using non-standard units. The children had lots of fun using balance scales and weighing with non-standard units. They compared different kinds of objects around the classroom to see which was heavier/lighter. The children were able to use comparative language such as heavier than/ lighter than or same as to solve problems and answer questions.

At home, we can continue developing the children's skills by using a range of hands-on experiences like:

Showing your child how you can use kitchen scales to measure ingredients.

Have your child weigh themselves on bathroom scales.

Weigh other family members and family pets.

Show where the weight of goods is recorded on food packets.

Have your child help you weigh items when grocery shopping.

Play on a see-saw and talk about how to make the see-saw up and down, and balance.

Next week, we will focus on Numbers to 100. Children will understand place value by looking at skills like counting to 100 and counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.


This week we have looked at Self-discipline.

Next week, we will be looking at the Virtue of Responsibility!

You are practising responsibility when you...

*take your agreements seriously.

*admit mistakes without making excuses.

*are willing to make amends.

*give your best to whatever you do.

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