Save the Rhinos

By Chris

A Few Facts...

Here are a few facts about Rhinoceroses to get your mind going:
• Rhinos' scientific name is Rhinocerotidae.
• There are 5 types of Rhinos; Black, White, Indian, Sumatran, and Javan.
• 2 types of rhinos are native to Africa and 3 are native to Asia.
• Rhinos live for 35 yrs in the wild.
• All types of Rhino are endangered.
• Rhinos are the second largest land mammal.
• Rhinos' have poor eyesight

So, Why Do We Need To Save Them?

Rhinos are critically endangered. But why would these adorable animals be so rare? The answer is... Money. In Africa, poor, starving people with no money poach rhinos because Rhino skin and horns are worth so much money, and with money they can buy food, keeping them alive. Last year, 432 rhinos were poached, and already this year, an amazing 516 rhinos have been poached already! Now only 20,405 Whites, 5,518 Black, 3,333 Indian, <100 Sumatran, and 30 - 40 Javan Rhinos remain in the wild! There are also other factors too. Habitat loss and global warming are also factors in rhino population decline.

White Rhino

This is a need to know section about white rhinos.

White Rhinos are actually not white, but have a wider and squarer bottom lip compared to the Black rhino, a "wijd" lip in Dutch, that got mistranslated to "White" in English, so that's how they got the name "White Rhino.

The White Rhino's population in the 1990's was actually 50 Whites left but due to protection the population the numbers have rose to 20 000. But now the numbers are declining due to increased poaching.

Black Rhino

This section is about Black Rhinos.

Black Rhinos can have 1 or 2 horns, and are actually grey despite there name. Black rhinos mainly live in the Kalahari, an arid desert country in South - West Africa. Despite their solitary appearance in the daytime, they socialise in the night. Black Rhino's population has gone down during the past few decades due to poaching and is now a meager 5,055.

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