Garlic mustard

Joshua And Nahum

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The leaves are green and the flower is white the leaves look like a clover and a lily pad the leaves are pointy it also grow up to be four feet tall. The seeds are 2.5 - 3 mm long and are black.


The Garlic Mustard came from Europe in the 1800's to North America. The first sighting in long island New York in 1888 It can be found in these parts of North America New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania ETC.


Green Mustard may have been transported for herbs or possibly that the seeds were accidentally introduced from Europe.


It can take over a piece of land in 5-7 years that means that it grows fast. garlic mustard is currently displacing native under story species in the forest of northeastern america and southern Canada.


Monitor sites regular to remove plants prior to secret you must get it as soon as possible so the seeds don't spread