The Roar

January 20, 2015

Great leaders focus on people's capacities rather than their limitations.--Leithwood

Harbins Staff Calendar

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News to Roar About

  • Kindergarten, 3rd & 4th Grade for outstanding common planning sessions. We appreciate your time and attention to great teaching and learning for our students!
  • 5th Grade Junior Beta Club students on their induction to this honor society.
  • Michele Devlin and Kim Mitchell for your leadership in organizing the Jr. Beta Club induction ceremony. All went well due to your planning.
  • Cindy Huntington for seeking new ways to improve your craft and support students! Your initiative is impressive!
  • Marie for the great session with the special ed team on STORI. Thank you for your time to help us learn.
  • Sharon Mauney and Cindy Huntington for sharing your class with us in Leadership Academy. They did a super job!
  • Thanks to our teachers for making the 100th day special for our students! It was a fun day of celebrating 100 days of school.
  • Debbie Davis for a great professional development session in math! We appreciate your leadership in keeping us well informed in best practices in math!
  • Shelly Everett for stepping out and trying new and exciting things in art class. You have done a super job of integrating technology and art! Full STEAM ahead!
  • Donna Hargrave and Kathy Schmidt for your support of the Reader's Rally club. We cannot wait to see them show what they know at the competition!
  • Mia Latimore for being so wonderful on our front desk. You keep the delicate balance of providing great customer service and standing firm to Harbins procedures. We appreciate you!
  • Nicole and Minh for getting our students mentoring off to a great start!
  • Amanda Herrington for your leadership in coordinating practice testing support for the GMAS.
  • Linda Wood for organizing our cultural arts program for February. We look forward to another outstanding performance.


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CFGs in January

All certified staff, full and part-time, as well as all paraprofessionals should plan to attend the CFG Tuesday meeting on January 20. We look forward to our time together to continue our 3Rs of Harbins. We need everyone there to have your input. Thank you for planning ahead for this time. We will meet from 3:20-4:30 in the cafe. Since we will not have our book study during the January faculty meeting, please read for this session. READ Chapter 4 of our staff book study, Putting the Practices Into Action by Susan O'Connell and John SanGiovanni. Bring your book to the meeting with you.

Personnel Updates

  • Please join me in welcoming Sheila Huie to our staff as an EBD paraprofessional. She will fill the vacancy created by Donna Lanford moving to another school in a teaching position. We look forward to having Sheila on the Harbins team!

Click the link for updates on Kahoot

RBES Conferences

All certified staff need to attend an RBES mid-year implementation update on Wednesday during specials. PLEASE BRING YOUR LIST OF CURRENT READING LEVELS FOR YOUR STUDENTS TO OUR SESSION. We will meet in the second professional development room. Bring your laptops as well, please. We look forward to helping you complete your mid-year implementation update.

Fun Run

It is almost time for our Fun Run kick-off. We will have the kick-off on Tuesday, February 3. This will be in place of specials that day. All teachers need to attend the Fun Run kick off with your students. We will have a morning kick-off this time. Times TBA so stay tuned for those details. This year, the Fun Run team will do all of the prizes and come to the school each day to get the kids excited about the run.

Building Open on January 24 from 8-12 if you need the time.

2nd 9 Weeks Awards

Please input your student award winners into the Google Spreadsheet shared with you on Friday. Directions for printing Student Awards can be found on the Harbins Homepage in D2L-->Content-->Technology-->Awards

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How's It Going?

For those of you who have been on staff for a while, you will recall that we used to have How's It Going conferences each year. This is a time to sit with Cindy Truett and share any thoughts or concerns or feedback with her that you'd like to share. It's a time for her to just listen to anything you would like to share. This is open to all staff members. If you would like to have a HIG conference, just click the link below to sign up for a time slot at your convenience.

Student Survey Schedule for Grades 3-5

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Instructional Fair Updates

When: Thursday, January 29th 6:30 - 8:00

Theme: iBuild

This year's fair will focus around the areas of STEM. It's a great opportunity to showcase STEM learning to our community through the various classroom activities that will be featured. Right now, be thinking of who you would like to work alongside for an activity (partners) and what your activity plan will be. This information will be needed after winter break.

The planning team is also in need of empty wrapping paper rolls and rinsed gallon milk jugs for our foyer fair decor. You can drop off these materials in the designated bins located in the Book Room.

Each student will design a personalized brick to create our iBuild brick wall in the lobby. You will get materials and directions in the near future. Thanks for supporting!

DDA Reviews

Your grade level is allowed to review DDAs for 3rd nine weeks and offer feedback. Please contact Christy LeMaster, SIT members, if your grade level would like to review the DDAs for that grade level and offer feedback.

Technology Weekly Update (Please click each week for new info.)

Media Center News

Check out what is going on in the Media Center for the start of 2015.

Grade Level Professional Learning

  • January 20- CFGs- all certified and paras should attend- 3:20-4:30
  • January 21 - RBES Mid-Year Implementation Update-ALL Certified Staff- Prof Dev Room during specials
  • January 22 - Grade Level Staff Development - Literacy
  • January 23 - 5th Grade Collaborative Planning
  • January 28 - 2nd Grade Collaborative Planning
  • January 30 - 1st Grade Collaborative Planning

Faculty Meeting

Our next faculty meeting will be on January 27th from 3:20-4:30. You will be able to use this time to complete the required district RBES surveys. Please meet in the Harbins Cafe for directions and logon information. No book study for this session.

Troy University MS in Elementary Education - Representative at Harbins on February 2nd in the Tiger Conference Room

Troy University’s M.S in Elementary Education is a 36 hour program that can be completed online in just 1 year and 1 term. The M.S in Elementary Education is approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. For more information teachers can follow the steps below.

1. Go to

2. Select Certificate Upgrade link (click here)

3. Select Certificate Upgrade Advisor link (click here)

4. Current teachers select the Login button and Others select the

Quickview button (click here).

5. Follow prompts to search by program of interest.

Classroom Spirit Award

Each Friday, you will go into the Google Chrome "Friday Spiritwear" file that Montine shared with each of you and enter the total number of students in your class that is wearing a red shirt or Harbins spirit wear. The class showing the most school spirit by wearing red or school spirit wear will get a "spirit paw" to hang on the door. Go Tigers! Show your school spirit and encourage your students to participate!

ABCD Awards

Please send your nominations to Cindy Truett by January 20th for recognition of staff members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that teaching and learning at Harbins are at the highest levels.

School Improvement Team

The SIT Team meeting will be held on February 3 from 1:15 - 4:00. Location: Professional Development Room. Read Chapter 5 of Change Leader for our session.

Roar Deadline

If you want to add something to the Roar, it must be sent to Montine by noon on Thursday of each week. If not turned in by Thursday at noon, it will have to be entered into the following week’s Roar. Thanks for your help!

News to Roar About

We will place “News to Roar About” in the Roar each Monday. It is our hope that throughout the year that you will take time to send us a note to let us know about a colleague who deserves recognition for outstanding work. Please be sure to share your compliments with us so we can highlight those individuals in the Roar. You can email compliments to Cindy Truett or Montine Powell.

Leaders in Learning

A Chrome file will be shared with each teacher, please go in to list your Leader in Learning for August when Montine sends out the notification email.

Staff Birthdays


Minh Chiavone 1/20

Kim Mitchell 1/24

Through the Eyes of a Child

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