The Libya Gazette


The country I chose is Libya. Libya is located between Egypt Tusnia and Algeria. Libya is mostly dry barren desert with plateaus. Libya was discovered in 1951. It has an abundance of natural gas and petroleum. 2/1/73 Israeli fighter planes shot down a Liberian airline 114 killing over 100 people. Many people lost loved ones on that horrific event. Libya is 90% desert and is the only country with a solid color flag. On of their main traditions is the Traditional dress of Libya.



Silt is small particles of rich soil. Silt is sometimes lost when there is a flood but other times the flood waters are good for the crops because new silt is being brought from other farms. When silt is running low farmers rely on chemical fertilizers and the fertilizer is getting into rivers or creeks.


An aquifer is a layer of underground rocks that allow water to flow through. It allows clean water to rise to the surface. The clean water is then used for farming or irrigation or for villages towns or cities in the country.

Two positive things for the Aswan Dam

Gives the people control over the flood waters. It can store tons of water behind the dam for months. The Aswan Dam is a rock filled dam along the northern border between Egypt and Sudan.

Sahara desert

The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. The Sahara is about the size of the United States. The desert stretches from Egypt westward to North Africa to the antlantic ocean

What is OPEC

OPEC is an organization that deals with petroleum Exports. OPEC stands for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.