Bessie Smith

A great vocalist from the 1920's

Biography: Bessie Smith, "The Empress of the Blues"

Bessie Smith was known for her voice. Bessie Smith was a Blues singer for a living. Her career started as her being a dancer. She sang on street corners and later became known for her very rich voice. Bessie grew up in Tennessee. People from all around came to hear her sing. A lot of her audiences were made up of white people. Her voice could be heard very loudly and clearly without a microphone.

Bessie Smith's impact on the 1920's

Bessie Smith had a very big impact on the 1920's. Her voice was very appealing to many different crowds. She sang with so much soul in each song. The 1920's is remembered for its music.
Bessie Smith - Mini Bio

Bessie Smith Biography video

Q1: What did Bessie Smith do before she became a singer?