5 themes of Geography: Boerne

By Hannah Sawyer


This picture describes the theme location because its showing where Boerne is exactly on a map and you could find the coordinates for it. Boerne is in relative location with San Antonio, Texas.


Boerne is a hill country kingdom. Boerne provides the best of both worlds- a small town life but only 15 miles away from the busy and bustling city of San Antonio. Boerne animal life consist of an infestation of deer and birds. But the climate acclimated plants are very beautiful when their in bloom and complement the amazing scenery.


Boerne is in the southwest region of the United States and in the hill country region of Texas . The climate of the hill country is hot and humid but once you live here for a while you get used to it.


Boerne has a German heritage and is very affluent, sophisticated, and conservative. Multiple celebrations occur in summer to showcase Boerne's German heritage. Boerne is also a very modern town that stays up to date on the latest fashions and trends.

Human- Environment Interaction

A lot of Boerne residents effect the environment negatively through pollution because the preferred vehicles are big SUV's. They also like to keep their lawns groomed so that could lead to using more water than allotted in a time of drought. But it's not all bad, they have monthly " Keep Boerne Beautiful" events that allow the people to come together and clean up the town.